PROGRAM – Friday 23 October – Day Program at Factory Forty

10:00 Opening session – chairs: Bart De Pauw (TUC RAIL & Ghent University) & Bert Snijder (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Alain Dumortier (Bureau Greisch), Chair of the Belgian National Group of IABSE
  • Bert Hesselink (Movares), Chair of the Dutch National Group of IABSE
  • Bruno Godart (IFSTTAR), Chair of the French National Group of IABSE
  • -----
  • Keynote lecture: Laurent Ney (Ney & Partners)
10:50 Break (coffee & tea)
11:10 Oral session 1 - chairs: IABSE-B & IABSE-F
  • Sokchamroeun, Tim (CTICM): Thionville footbridge - a slender arch-like frame footbridge
  • Binet, Nicolas (Greisch): Renovation of the Monsin Dam – Floodgates
  • Kashif, Muhammed (UGent): Numerical simulation of horizontal cracking in continuously reinforced concrete pavements
  • Heremans, Julien (University of Liège): Quality assessment of synthetic wind turbulence
  • Van der Gaag, Bart Jan (Royal Haskoning DHV): Structural bridge design for additive manufacturing
12:10 Poster session 1 - elevator pitches of posters
  • Fang, Heng (UGent): Finite element modeling of rib-to-crossbeam joint in orthotropic steel decks
  • Gerard, Nick (TUC rail): Influence of the bearing lay-out on rail stresses
  • Vanhaele, David (Greisch): Non-linear analysis of a ship guide rail – “Pont des trous” protection, Tournai, BE
  • Cormond, Joran (Ney & Partners): Exterior playground for the Melopee school in Ghent
  • Horsten, Huub (Jan De Nul NV): Construction of a skew trough bridge
12:40 Break (lunch)
13:40 Oral Session 2 - chairs: IABSE-NL & IABSE-B
  • Peigneux, Christophe (Servais Engineering Architectural): Small footbridges: 2 contexts, 2 responses with contemporary materials
  • Lefèvre Charline (Ney & Partners): Gare Maritime
  • Dinh-Kien, Dang (CTICM): Suspension footbridge at Amiens
  • Cerquaglia, Marco Lucio (BESIX): A general framework for the numerical simulation of fluid-structure interaction problems in civil engineering
  • Nosiglia, Luis (Greisch): Silver Tower (Brussels)
14:40 Poster session 2 – elevator pitches of posters
  • Van Staen, Gilles (UGent): Determining imperfection shapes by experimental test results for plate assemblies with cross-sectional curved webs
  • Zaganelli, Dario (CTICM): Partially connected composite beams with façade offsetting in existing buildings
  • Ravetti, Claire (Arcadis): A non-conventional structure for a new bridge in Paris
  • Van Hoorde, Maurits (Franki Construct NV): Passerelle Schijnpoortweg: an isostatic steel pedestrian bridge
  • Turetta, Maxime (Greisch): Experimental Study on an Innovative U-Shaped Steel- Concrete Composite Beam
15:10 Break (coffee & tea)
15:30 Oral session 3 – chairs: IABSE-F & IABSE-NL
  • Outteryck, Christophe (Egis): Reunion Island’s New Coastal Road: a Viaduct beating the record for the longest viaduct of France and resisting to cyclones.
  • Harrewijn, Thomas (TUDelft): Reverse Engineering of existing reinforced concrete slab bridges
  • Rius, Lars & Janssens, Selim (UGent): Short Term Monitoring Verification with Numerical Model of Orthotropic Steel Deck
  • Innocenzi, Raoula (Università Politecnica delle Marche in Italy): Static and dynamic testing of the 'Filomena delli castelli' cable-stayed bridge
  • Bols, Bart (Ney & Partners): Tintagel footbridge
16:30 Poster session 3 - elevator pitches of posters
  • Chen, Chen (UGent): Simulation studies on the influence of diaphragm type on T- girder strengthening
  • de Jong, Sebas (Royal Haskoning DHV): Influence of various boundary conditions on local buckling of steel tubular piles
  • Muret, Julien (Greisch): Determining settlements caused by deep urban excavations
  • Wan-Wendner, Lin (BESIX): 4D Design of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge
  • Iqbal, Nouman (UGent): A numerical study of Structural stress evaluation methods
  • Ferradi, Mohammed-Khalil (Strains Engineering): Convex SDP optimization for limit analysis of reinforced concrete structures
16:40 Closing session – chairs: Bart De Pauw (TUC Rail) & Bert Snijder (TUe)
  • Hans De Backer (UGent): IABSE Congress Ghent 2021
  • Closing words
17:30 End of the day at Factory Forty