PROGRAM – Friday 23 October – Evening program in Center of Brussels

17:30 Transfer to the city centre. Public Transportation tickets wil be available to travel to Metro De Brouckère. People traveling by car can park at Parking De Brouckère (Brouckereplein 1, Brussels).
18:30 Start of the city walk at the exit of Metro De Brouckère, accompanied by a professional guide and engineer. We will walk along St. Gudule and Place d’Espagne towards the Ilôt Sacré. Once we enter this historic neighborhood, visits to the beautiful Galerie de la Reine and the impressive Market Place cannot be missed. Finally, we will finish our walk at the stock exchange.
Young Engineers Colloquium 2020
19:30 Colloquium dinner at one of the most beautiful brasserie-restaurants in art nouveau style in Brussels: the Falstaff.
Young Engineers Colloquium 2020
22:30 End of day 1