Stades - Stadions- Stadiums

The organization of major international sporting events is often accompanied by significant investments in new infrastructure. Sports stadiums are important landmarks and clearly express the strength and dynamism associated with the sport, and thus with the organizing bodies as well. This is not only reflected by the workmanship and detailing, but also in the structural and conceptual design. There are many recent examples in Europe and worldwide. This is also a current topic in Belgium, combined with a growing necessity in general for the big clubs for new multifunctional stadiums.

The program consisted of lectures, presentations and discussions, offering a broad perspective on the entire theme of stadiums. Starting from various architectural points of view, the conceptual evolution, creativity and typology - now and in the future - in the development of such multifunctional projects was discussed, as well as the cooperation between the architect and the structural engineer. In addition, the normative framework, i.e. both European and recent Belgian structural regulations, were presented. Finally, diverse structural solutions, including mobile and fixed roof structures, were illustrated, using recent international designs or realizations as reference.

The program also offered opportunities for asking questions and for discussion, thus trying to stimulate numerous reactions and valuable comments or concerns.

Some impressions of the successful seminar: