The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE organize the seminar ‘IABSE Papers B@NL’ at Witteveen+Bos in Breda


IABSE stands for International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering and is the international professional and scientific association active in the field of structural engineering. IABSE offers a platform for structural engineers to exchange information and to learn from each other at the international level.

IABSE covers all aspects of structural engineering in all materials. The structures comprise besides bridges also buildings and all kinds of civil engineering structures. For more information see

The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE are sister associations of the main IABSE organization which is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

When and where

Thursday 13 June 2019 - Witteveen+Bos, Stationsweg 5, 4811 AX Breda

Target group

Structural Engineers and Architects

Structural Engineers Register Netherlands: Register structural designers and register structural engineers receive 2 points for permanent education for assessment or admission to the Structural Engineers Register Netherlands : 2 KE/PE points.

Architects can book their participation hours as so-called WAT hours.

Background and content

The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE organize this seminar together. Twice a year, in the spring and in September (main symposium), IABSE organizes international symposia on a structural engineering theme in different parts of the world, which attracts more than 500 structural engineers worldwide. Last year the main symposium was organized in Nantes, France.

The seminar consists of a selection of the Dutch and Belgian contributions to the Nantes symposium and the conference in Copenhagen. The seminar consists of presentations as on the following topics: structures and architecture, land mark bridges, buckling instability, hybrid structures, robustness, reliability, existing bridges and renovation, proof load testing, strengthening and fatigue.