Installation of railway bridge Blankenbergse Steenweg

For the renewal of the bridge of the Blankenbergse Steenweg and the construction of an extra track, a completely new bridge will be built with 3 arches. The arch in the middle is het biggest arch. The new bridge has an orthotropic steel deck.

Since the bridge is part of the busy train connection to the coast and port of Zeebrugge, it is not possible to interrupt the line for a long time. The new bridge was fully built on a neighboring assembly site. This could be done without hindrance to rail traffic. At the same time, the new abutments were built behind the existing abutments. By ensuring that the overhead wires were already mounted on the new bridge, it was possible to take two tracks back into service within the planned time. The bridge was then further finished, including demolishment of the existing abutments and finishing of the embankments. The site visit took place during the preparations for the final installaties of the new bridge.