Bridges for the ringway R9

The repair of the ring R9 along 1.8 km of its southern part had started in September 2014. It was necessary benauwend of the numerous deteriorations of the structure, built in 1975, and subjected daily to thousands of vehicles. This project involved fifteen bridges and viaducts and nine accesses or exits.

Since then, the works in the R9 have been diverse and varied:

  • Repair of all damaged concrete,
  • New seals and new coatings,
  • New guard rails (H4b retaining level incorporating an aesthetic side),
  • Replacement of a bridge beam,
  • Creation of new load-bearing structures for prestressed concrete caissons currently resting on BA headers whose beaks are in very bad condition,
  • Repair of concrete nozzles requiring the lifting of an entire bridge,
  • ...