Construction of a new steel arch bridge at Kwaadmechelen

The Flemish Waterway has appointed Via T Albert to rebuild seven bridges over the Albert Canal with a view to raising the vertical clearance to a minimum of 9.10 meters. It concerns the bridges in Eigenbilzen, Zutendaal, Stokrooie, Kwaadmechelen Zwartenhoek, Eindhout, Geel-Stelen and Herentals-Lier. Via T Albert is a company specially established for this project, consisting of Willemen Infra, Franki Construct, Aelterman and Hye. The 'PPS project Increasing bridges Albertkanaal - cluster 1' covers the design, construction, financing and 30-year maintenance of seven bridges over the Albert Canal.

The anual meeting were combined with an interesting visite to the construction site of the "BR32" in Ham. Some impressions are shown below.