Oosterweel Construction Project - Left Bank

The Oosterweel connection will complete the ringway around Antwerp, which is a huge and difficult job. The Linkeroever, Oosterweel, Groenendaallaan and Schijnpoort junctions are connected by new tunnels and trenches. The immense construction project consists of 5 parts: Linkeroever (left bank), Scheldetunnel, Oosterweelknooppunt, Kanaaltunnels and R1-Noord.

In March 2019, the contractor started the Oosterweelwerken Linkeroever / Zwijndrecht at highway level. The annual meeting was combined with an interesting visit to the construction of the Park & Ride - Left Bank. The immense building combines laminated wooden girders with concrete floors. It will have a capacity of more than 1500 parking spaces and create a multi-modal hub, allowing users to switch between car, bike and tram transport. Some impressions are shown below.